Navigating Life's Challenges

Campaign for Maps

The Health of the Community

Maps Counseling Services is leading the way to meet the growing need for mental health care and substance abuse treatment for the Monadnock Region. In 2018 they will be opening a new mental health clinic in Keene and significantly expanding their clinic in Peterborough. Their new facilities will allow them to:

  • Hire specialists to work with substance abuse problems and help stem the opioid crisis in our communities.
  • Improve counseling for children by designing a child-friendly facility with resources to help our child therapists be more effective.
  • Reduce waiting times for a first appointment.
  • Expand our capacity to serve more low and moderate income families.
  • Improve operational efficiency, allowing us to invest more of our resources in direct care.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint with green technology and solar lighting.
  • Secure the future of Maps for at least the next 20 years.

Moving Ahead: Meeting Community Needs

The enormous growth experienced by Maps over the past decade has presented both challenges and amazing opportunities. To address these needs and to ensure that Maps will continue to meet the growing demand for mental health services, Maps obtained $550,000 in grants from the state and federal government to create a new facility at the heart of Keene, and has raised an additional $150,000 from individuals and foundations.

Maps needs your help to raise the additional $50,000 they need to complete this project and to create a mental health resource that our region can be proud of.

Invest in the Mental Health of our Community

The total cost to renovate and to equip the new Keene facility and to upgrade and expand the Peterborough facility is $750,000. Of this, $550,000 has been raised through a combination of grants from CDBG and CDFA. The additional $200,000 dollars, once raised, will allow them to:


Maps Counseling Services has become a critical resource in helping our region combat the community’s mental health challenges by addressing mental health and substance abuse problems early on, before they create more severe disability and impairment. The vision of Maps is to help ensure a community strong in mind, heart, body and spirit, equipped to confidently navigate life’s challenges. The mission of Maps is to ensure that this care is available to all in need, regardless of income or financial resources. They can only do that with you by their side. Please give a gift to support this campaign today, and help Maps help those among us who are most vulnerable. You will be investing not only in the lives of our families, our friends and our neighbors, but in the economic welfare of our community and the region. Thank you for your generous support.

You may make an immediate donation to the Campaign for Maps though your credit or debit card by clicking on the Donate to Maps button above. If you prefer to donate to Maps via a check, you may send it by mail to:The Campaign for Maps, Maps Counseling Services, 19 Federal Street Keene, NH 03431

Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent required by law. Maps is a 501-c3 charitable organization. Maps is not not affiliated with any other similar organizations in our region.