Navigating Life's Challenges

Artistic and Design Planning

With the creation of a new mental health clinic in Keene and the renovation of its Peterborough site, Maps has the opportunity to create highly functional and efficient facilities that communicate the agency’s message of inclusive spirituality and healing. Careful design and planning will be devoted to selecting artistic enhancements that express Maps’ commitment to balance in life and nature, and will provide comfort and serenity to clients who are troubled or discouraged.

Maps is contracting with local artists to design and build the unique features of our new facility. In addition to our tree-house in the children’s play-therapy room, Maps is creating a ceiling mural for our conference room and an artistic ceiling for our waiting room and hallways.

Sunrise Mandala Mural

The Sunrise Mandala Mural will be the central feature in the Maps Conference Room.  This room is designed as the gathering space both for the Maps staff members and for guests.  The sunrise depicted in the mural represents hope of new beginnings that comes with the dawning of each new day.  Sunlight will shine through a special solar tube at the center of the mural, bringing light to a single glass droplet.  This central piece represents the gift of life, brought to us through sunlight, water, and air.  The sunrise will be overlaid with a delicate golden mandala and surrounded by ten interfaith symbols.  The mandala and symbols represents the spirituality of the Maps organization and recognizes the interconnectedness of the many different faiths that guide our search for meaning and strength.


Celestial Pathway 


The Celestial Pathways begin in the waiting room and continue throughout the hallway, guiding clients and staff on their journey towards light and hope.  The pathways will feature airy blue backdrop with hints of the sunrise from the central mandala mural an ethereal arrangement of sparkling glass droplets, designed to look like the stars that linger just before dawn.  This installation is intended to provide a cohesive sense of spirituality throughout the space and completes the nature based design through creating the sky above.

Maps will be consulting with local design experts and artists to incorporate these design elements into their new facility. Their goal is to create clinics that offer tranquility to their clients the moment they step through their doors, and better communicate our unique spiritual approach to counseling and psychotherapy.

Maps has budgeted $10,000 for design consultation and artwork.