Navigating Life's Challenges

Mindfulness and Meditation Room

The Mindfulness and Meditation Room is designed to provide our clinical staff a setting where they can find centering and empowerment. Designed as a place of peace and refuge, clinicians will be able to take time to meditate, use relaxation techniques, listen to music or practice yoga to reduce stress and find their focus. It is a place where they can obtain some alone-time, a place of solitude and freedom from distraction.

This room will be designed around an alter based on the four spiritual elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The meditation focal point will be a glass sphere on a pedestal that resembles fire, sitting on a foundation of rocks. A water wall will adorn the wall behind the sphere which will glow with recessed lighting. Special furniture that is conducive to relaxation will be purchased.

Self-care is critically important for mental health therapists today. Therapists help children cope with memories of severe abuse, support adults coping with crushing losses or painful changes. While trained to set clear and safe boundaries, it is well known that psychotherapists are at risk of vicarious traumatization and burnout if self-care is not respected.

This space will also provide a setting where therapists may learn new mindfulness techniques and share their skills in meditation, relaxation or other techniques with our students or with each other. It is a setting where clinicians can pursue spiritual growth and insight, honing the skills they need to be more effective and more resilient psychotherapists.

The total cost to equip the Mindfulness & Meditation Room is $5,000.