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Peterborough Clinic Expansion & Improvements

As Maps creates a new facility in Keene, it is important that they provide similar resources to the clinicians and clients in the Peterborough office. While this facility is located in a beautiful suite at 9 Vose Farm Road, the office itself is furnished with old and mismatched furniture. The waiting room is small and cramped, without windows, and the site is lacking some important security features.  All of this detracts from our desire to give all  of our clients and staff a comfortable setting that is conducive to healing and engenders pride and efficiency.

Maps will be expanding the Peterborough site to add a seventh clinical office, to build a waiting room that is secure from the clinical offices, and to provide the clinicians with a much needed group therapy/conference room. Opening a wall to build a new door for the waiting room will allow the clinical areas to be kept securely locked when clinicians are in session. Security cameras will allow clinicians to see who is in the waiting room. This is especially helpful since there is no administrative staff at this facility.

Maps seeks to match the new furniture being purchased for Keene in its Peterborough office. This means providing new desks and chairs for the seven clinical offices, and new furniture for the waiting room. We will be expanding the children’s nook in the waiting room to help make our child clients more comfortable.

To counter the absence of a window, the waiting room will be enhanced with a virtual window that mimics the real view that one would have from an actual window. Designed to ‘fool’ the eye, these windows provide light and depth to a small room, and make clients more comfortable. They are proven to impart a soothing element to the room, and enhance the therapeutic benefits of the clinic.

The Peterborough Office will also benefit from improvements to its lighting and carpeting, and will replicate the theme developed for the Keene facility. It is our goal that both sites share the same appearance and the commitment to client comfort, security and privacy.

Maps is seeking $20,000 to upgrade the Peterborough Office