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After the Divorce

A Service for Couples and Individuals

Divorce can be a stressful and, at times, lengthy process which often triggers intense feelings of loss, anger, guilt, grief, sadness, and anxiety. Feelings can be complex or even conflicting: feeling relieved and grief-stricken, liberated but betrayed, overwhelmed but hopeful. Disengagement from the marriage necessitates emotional, physical, financial and practical distance that can leave one feeling adrift and isolated. Therapy can help clients travel the path of divorce, arriving at a new destination that, while not what one might have planned, can nonetheless give you security and hope for the future.

After the Divorce is a service designed to help individuals and couples improve communication and cooperation during a divorce, cope with the emotions that may be overwhelming, find answers to why the marriage is ending, and begin the healing process for a new and secure life. When young children are involved, After the Divorce may help you to be effective and caring parents after the divorce.

After the Divorce may:

  • Help relieve the grief, depression or anxiety that may be triggered by the divorce and complicate rebuilding.
  • Improve communication and cooperation during the divorce negotiations.
  • Learn how to better support children through the divorce process.
  • Help parents be effective co-parents after the divorce.
  • Avoid the pitfalls that often lead to an unhappy second marriage.
  • Heal damage to self-esteem or self-confidence.
  • Let go of the anger and betrayal that may have led to the divorce.
  • Deal effectively with the loneliness that often accompanies divorce.
  • Re-establishing your identity: in developing a life together, you may have lost touch with who you were and who you are now.
  • Exploring responsibilities and learning new skills in areas that may have been taken care of by your former spouse.
  • Exploring and answering questions raised by divorce:
    • who am I now?
    • How do I make meaning out of this difficult event?
    • How do I deal with this divorce when it is the last thing I wanted?


After the Divorce is coordinated by Stephanie Kimber, LCMHC. Stephanie may be contacted at 603-355-2244, ext. 8264 or by email at