Navigating Life's Challenges

About MAPS

Since its founding in 1973, Maps Counseling Services has endeavored to integrate effective and compassionate psychotherapy with the guiding principles of spirituality in order to help people find meaningful answers to life’s problems. And in keeping with our mission, Maps furnishes these services in accordance with our clients’ ability to pay for them. Since the beginning, this mission has guided Maps through challenging times and has helped us become the largest private provider of outpatient psychotherapy in the Monadnock Region.

Maps began its existence as a pastoral counseling agency, founded by a group of Keene ministers who believed that psychotherapy and spiritually were inherently bound by a commitment to caring for others. Indeed, our very name once stood for The Monadnock Area Pastoral Counseling Service (MAPCS). Years later it was shortened to MAPS for Monadnock Area Psychotherapy and Spirituality Services (MAPS), and then in 2017 it became Maps Counseling Services (Maps). Although we are no longer a pastoral agency, Maps continues to honor the importance of non-sectarian spirituality both in our practice and in our relationships with each other. In the present day, it has evolved so that such care includes high quality individual psychotherapy, couple’s counseling, group therapy, and consultation and education services through offices located in both Keene and Peterborough. The agency employs well-trained, New Hampshire licensed psychotherapists, as well as residents working toward their licensure and interns working towards their degree. Both at work and at home, as individuals and as colleagues, Maps employees find that spirituality helps us to find balance in our lives and compassion towards others.

Maps considers spirituality to be a search for meaning and identity in life — the quest for understanding who we are on a deeper level. Maps’ therapists value our client’s unique spiritual beliefs and practices as important resources during the therapeutic process. And in keeping with this philosophy, Maps maintains connections with area congregations and spiritual communities and continues as a resource where clergy can refer people with personal or family problems.

With a variety of licensed psychotherapists, clinical residents, and graduate interns, Maps offers services for all age groups and a wide variety of mental health problems. We strive to offer appointments quickly and will help find alternative providers when we do not have the resources to help someone. We have clinicians that provide therapy for families and couples as well.  We also have clinicians that specialize in treating families, couples, substance misuse issues, and clinicians that provide psychological assessment services.  We also have a Cancer Patient Support Group.

Maps accepts most health insurance and offers a sliding fee scale to individuals in need of assistance. The agency gladly accepts tax-free donations to support our Help and Healing Fund which supports our mission to serve all in need regardless of income or resources. Maps is an accredited, non-profit, tax-exempt organization chartered under the laws of the State of New Hampshire. Maps is accredited by the Solihten Institute.