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…where we navigate life’s challenges, caring for the mind, heart, body, and spirit.  Maps Counseling Services is a non-profit mental health center offering quality therapeutic services to children, adults, and families in the Monadnock Region, since 1973.

Maps is a welcoming and affirming center. Our client-centered perspective begins with honoring each client’s human experience. With the goal of providing individualized, culturally sensitive care, we strive to recognize and integrate into each person’s care all aspects of their identity, including gender identity, sexual orientation, spiritual or religious beliefs, race and ethnicity, and cultural values. Treating each client with dignity and respect is a core commitment of Maps.

Our multidisciplinary clinical team is committed to attending to the whole person to promote emotional healing and overall health. Maps has a rich history in spiritually integrated psychotherapy.  At Maps we strive to integrate each person’s unique spirituality, i.e., that which gives meaning and purpose to life, into the therapeutic process.

Maps Counseling Services partners with generous donors in the community to help overcome financial barriers to mental health care through our Hope and Healing Fund. 

About Our Clinical Services

The clinical team at Maps is a group of compassionate, skilled and committed psychotherapists.  We are also lifelong learners and sojourners in life and healing.  At Maps we believe that building a healthy supportive community of clinicians makes us each more effective in offering therapeutic support to each client.

Maps offers a broad range of services for clients of all ages.  We have licensed psychotherapists, clinical residents, and often doctoral and/or graduate students.  Our clinicians are licensed as: Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Clinical Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Dance Movement Therapists, and Alcohol and Drug Counselors. We work together with you towards health and wholeness.

We acknowledge the complex impact of trauma, and how the events of our lives shape our experience of ourselves and the world.  We work in partnership with each client to navigate their life’s journey towards health, connection, safety, and confidence.

Primarily we offer outpatient psychotherapy to individuals and/or families.  Our specialists work with children and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, relationship conflicts, and substance misuse.  Our team is competent to support individuals who are neuro-diverse including ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We also offer support groups for individuals with cancer, grandparents raising grandchildren, and sometimes other support groups with a common theme.

Maps offers psychological testing service on a limited basis and consultation as requested.

Maps accepts most major health insurance plans as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

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