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Initial Appointments & Fees

To make an initial appointment for counseling or psychotherapy please call 603-355-2244 (in Keene) or 603-924-2240 (in Peterborough), and press “8101,” which will connect you with our Intake Coordinator. (If no one is immediately available, you may leave your name and telephone number on our voice mail. We will call you back as soon as we can.)

The Intake Coordinator will answer your questions about Maps and collect some initial information from you (address, phone number, insurance data, etc.). Please have all insurance information available when you call. Our Intake Coordinator will need the name of your insurance carrier, your insurance ID numbers and contact phone numbers. Please inform the Intake Coordinator if this is an EAP (employee assistance program) referral or if this is court ordered or the result of a work related injury or event.

Maps accepts most major insurance plans and New Hampshire Medicaid. We also have a limited capacity for helping those with Medicare. For those with insurance that we do not take, there is the possibility of receiving services from one of our graduate students in mental health.

Uninsured clients may choose to see a therapist as a “self-pay” client. For those with limited incomes who cannot afford our standard fee, a reduced fee with one of our clinical interns may be possible. Please notify the Intake Coordinator if this is something you would like to explore.

Clients with insurance may also choose to be “self-pay” by signing a waiver of their insurance benefits. This is the best option for someone with an insurance plan that we do not take, or who wants to see a therapist who is not credentialed with a specific insurance company.

In order to match you with a clinician trained & experienced to work on the issues you are facing, we will ask you to state briefly what prompted you to seek counseling at this time. A short time later, that clinician will contact you to set a mutually agreeable time for an appointment. If you have already spoken with one of our therapists about setting an appointment, of if you have a specific therapist in mind, please notify the Intake Coordinator when you speak to her.

Please be aware that, even if you have already spoken to one of our therapists and been given an appointment time, it is essential that you speak to the Intake Coordinator before your first appointment. This will ensure that your services are authorized by your insurance company and allow us to open the necessary documentation for your care.

If you would like to discuss your options before scheduling an intake appointment, you may ask to speak to the Intake Coordinator. She can tell you more about the therapists who work at Maps and the specific services they provide. Information about each therapist is also available on this website.  You may  email or phone individual Maps therapists to ask specific questions about their work. Our staff list and links to individual clinicians’ pages can by found on this website. (Please be aware that email may compromise your privacy, because it can be read by others along its route of transit. Do not send information via email that you would not also feel comfortable sending on a post card.)

We strive to schedule your first appointment within one week of your initial call to Maps. This may take longer if you are limited in your options for days and times when you can be seen, or if you are waiting for a specific therapist to have an opening. If you have contacted Maps for an intake and it has been over a week without hearing from a therapist, please contact our Intake Coordinator.

If you are a former client of Maps, we will generally encourage you to return to the same therapist you have seen previously, if this is possible. If you prefer to see a different therapist, please inform the Intake Coordinator of this.

If you have an unpaid balance with Maps, this balance will need to be addressed before you are permitted to schedule a new intake appointment. In some cases, payment plans are available to help you pay a balance over time.

On rare occasions, Maps may determine that we do not have the expertise or resources to provide adequate care to you. In such cases, Maps may decline to provide you with an intake appointment and will work to help you find those services that are appropriate to your needs.

Maps standard fee is $160 for an initial intake assessment (typically your first visit) and $140 for subsequent, one hour sessions. Maps contracts with various insurance plans to provide therapy at rates established by the insurance company. Your insurance company may require you pay a deductible prior to receiving benefits from them, and are likely to require that you pay a specific co-payment for each visit. Maps is contractually obligated to collect payment for deductibles and co-payments, and cannot waive these fees. Payment at the time of service is requested. Inability to pay for a service may result in a delay in your being rescheduled and could result in services being suspended. Maps will not ask you to pay more than we have contractually agreed to with your insurance company.

Self-pay clients are asked to pay our standard fee for services. For those who have fiscal limitations, this standard fee may be reduced according to guidelines established by Maps. We may ask that we see proof of income and/or a recent tax statement in order to provide you with a reduced fee.