Navigating Life's Challenges

Services for the Uninsured

MAPS offers a number of options for clients who are uninsured or have insurance plans that carry large deductibles or large co-payments (underinsured).

Foremost is the MAPS Client Subsidy Fund. This resource is made possible by an annual contribution to MAPS from the Monadnock United Way and by individual donations from the community. The Client Subsidy Fund allows you to have an appointment with any of our licensed psychotherapists. Your fee is based on your ability to pay, and is calculated based on your family income and family size. The fee adjustment may be as low as $15 per session. Because this is a limited resource, the Subsidy Fund provides for up to 12 sessions per episode of care.

For those who prefer or require longer term psychotherapy, MAPS has our Clinical Training Program. Each year MAPS has several graduate students from Antioch University New England working on site to gain valuable clinical experience. These are advanced students with prior clinical experience, carefully screened and supervised to ensure that they are more than capable of providing effective, appropriate psychotherapy. Our graduates typically will audio tape their sessions (with your permission) which permits their supervisor to carefully monitor each session and help guide the student when necessary. This program does not limit the number of sessions a client may receive, and there is no minimal fee. We do ask, however, that each client pay as much as is comfortable for the counseling they receive. Each student will review the fee with you at your first session and negotiate a rate that is comfortable for you.

There are also times when a client may have insurance but choose for a number of reasons to not use it, or do not have insurance but due to their income are not eligible for a fee reduction. Self-Pay is an option for these clients. For those who waive their insurance, your fee is typically equal to what MAPS would have received if we had billed the insurance. For uninsured clients, the fee is negotiated with the therapist, starting at a minimum of $70 per session.

If you are uninsured, underinsured or would like not to use your health insurance, please call our intake administrator at 603-355-2244, ext. 8101 and let them know what you are looking for. We will be glad to review your options with you and help you choose a plan that works best for you.