Navigating Life's Challenges

Maps’ Values


We value and honor the integration of spirituality. There is recognition and praise for the diversity of our spiritual perspectives, and for our client-centered perspective which begins with each client’s unique view of spirituality. Spirituality is defined by each client, and is understood as a function of our holistic approach to psychotherapy, providing individualized care that is culturally sensitive.  There is a desire to preserve our culture by recruiting clinicians who are committed to the integration of spirituality into the therapeutic process with clients who wish to do so and the way we hold and support each other as colleagues.


We are committed to being a catalyst for change in the community and an important force towards helping make this region a better place for all of us. Affordable care that is available to all in need is central to this, as is our role as consultants and educators for mental health. Part of this is to be a resource for training future psychotherapists, and to host workshops and community forums on mental health. Both our staff and board acknowledge the importance of Maps as a non-profit agency that values collaboration and consultation with other agencies.


We are committed to offering quality care. This includes a diversity of resources that serves all ages and a wide variety of different presenting problems. To help maintain this, continuous training opportunities and peer supervision are critical, as is client (and community) feedback. Maps is intentionally selective in hiring to emphasize quality of care and preservation of our culture and values over revenue.


We value staff as stakeholders, and employee engagement is a critical element of our administrative structure. We are committed to a culture of empowerment and respect between board, staff and clients, and between clinical and administrative offices.  We value supportive administration including pragmatic paperwork and staff participation in the development of policies and procedures.


We are committed to professional sustainability which requires balance and Clinicians have freedom to define their practices and the ability to change over time depending on one’s personal situation. We value a safe and supportive community where conflicts are addressed and resolved, personal problems are respected and supported, where job security is strong and success is measured by quality, not quantity of care.