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Maps Counseling Services (, is seeking psychotherapists to join our clinical team. Must have a masters or doctorate in psychology, social work, or mental health, and experience working in an outpatient setting.

Staff Clinicians need to be New Hampshire licensed psychotherapists (PsyD, LICSW, LCMHC, or LMFT). You must be licensed in New Hampshire or immediately eligible to be considered for this position.

Maps has office space in both Keene and Peterborough, and we offer the option of working in the office and remotely due to ongoing public health concerns.

This is a fee-for-service position, and income is based on an hourly rate for how many clients you would like to see and when the note for the client is completed.

Maps offers a collaborative work environment that combines flexibility, independence, and professional teamwork with superb administrative support for billing, collections, and marketing. Maps has a commitment to supporting staff so that our professional work is sustainable. We recognize the importance of balance; we offer a caring and empowering environment that sustains and nurtures our clinicians. Benefits include:

  • Freedom to create your own schedule and the size of your caseload.
  • A very strong referral stream providing ample referrals.
  • Free in house trainings with CEU’s
  • A voice in determining the direction and operation of the agency.
  • Recognition for the importance of having balance in your life and having time for your family and self.
  • Respect for your independence and competence as a licensed professional.
  • A caring and supportive group of colleagues who believe that our work should help us feel nurtured.
  • A belief in the importance of spirituality in all forms to finding purpose and strength for our clients and ourselves.

These positions are fulltime with a flexible schedule.  In-person sessions are now being encouraged in our Keene and Peterborough offices following specific safety protocols. However, we offer the option to work remotely and provide services via telehealth.  A viable candidate will have a master’s degree with at least 1 year of experience in counseling or a related field and licensed in the state of NH.

 Applicants should address inquiries and application materials (cover letter, current resume, and references) to the Associate Executive Director:   Jill Burns, LCMHC, MALDC @

POSITION TITLE: Senior Staff Therapist
REPORTS TO: Associate Executive Director
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Maps Senior Staff Clinician provides spiritually integrated
psychotherapy to a diverse outpatient population. They are licensed by the state of New Hampshire
to treat a wide-range of mental health or substance-use disorders with clients of all ages using
individual, couples or family interventions.
1. Provide Clinical Services
2. Maintain Clinical Records
3. Administration and Customer Service
4. Maintain Ethical and Professional Standards
5. Integrate Spirituality and Psychotherapy
6. Team Participation
7. Community Engagement
1. Provide Clinical Services
 Maintain a consistent clinical caseload of clients based on the agreement reviewed
annually between the clinician and the administrative team
 Independently contacts referrals, evaluates appropriateness for treatment, and schedules
them for the intake appointment
 Establishes a clear therapeutic relationship with appropriate boundaries
 Demonstrate effective assessment, diagnostic and treatment planning skills
 Demonstrate case conceptualization skills: provide concise, theoretically based case
conceptualizations that effectively integrate presenting problems, client goals, history and
evidenced based practices, and provide a reasonable prognosis and anticipated time
 Demonstrate effective interventions and positive outcomes
2. Maintain Clinical Records
 Ensures prompt completion of all required intake documents
 Completes an accurate and professional intake assessment, diagnosis and clinical
 Completes an effective and goal-focused treatment plan with achievable and client focused goals
 Completes clear session notes that show observable symptoms, evidence of progress and
interventions consistent with the treatment plan
 Terminates all records upon completion of a course of treatment
3. Administration and Customer Service
 Project annual performance expectations in partnership with administrative team
 Understands and follows all Maps policies and procedures
 Provides services in an effective and professionally appropriate manner
 Respond to requests from the business office with accuracy and efficiency
 Responds to client inquiries quickly and effectively
 Keep the electronic medical record scheduler current
 Adheres to all agency fiscal policies and procedures with respect to collecting payments
and providing only authorized appointments
 Addresses any problems and/or concerns appropriately and in consultation with their
supervisor or senior administration
4. Maintain Ethical and Professional Standards
 Follows all ethical guidelines of their profession, of Maps and of state and federal
 Accepts only referrals that are within their scope of clinical competency and consistent
with the agencies purpose and resources
 Continues to grow professionally through supervision, consultation, training seminars
 Recognizes problem areas or high-risk situations and seeks appropriate supervision and
 Maintain professional license to practice as a clinician in New Hampshire, completing all
required annual training and submitting all necessary renewal documentation
5. Integrate Spirituality and Psychotherapy
 Demonstrate a commitment to personal spiritual health and growth
 Consistently documents client spiritual resources and integrates a spiritual component
into the case-conceptualization and treatment-plan
 Understands and promotes the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality
 Participate in spiritual retreats and group practices at Maps
 Invest in developing skills around the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy to
enhance the therapeutic work
6. Team Participation
 Attend and participate in case conference and staff meetings reliably
 Treats colleagues with respect, actively participate in group process and contribute to
building and maintain a safe and supportive group community
7. Community Engagement
 Promotes and preserves the positive reputation of Maps
 Contribute to efforts to enhance Maps’ reputation with the community
 Foster new referrals sources
1. Must have at a minimum a master’s degree in a recognized mental health profession AND be
licensed to practice mental health care in New Hampshire.
2. Complete a minimum three-month period at Maps Counseling Services as a staff therapist,
currently demonstrating proficiency in psychotherapy and other required clinical skills, and
administrative competence in using the electronic clinical record, scheduling and participation
in required meetings
3. Ability to integrate spiritually with psychotherapy practice
4. Ability to work effectively with colleagues and engage in the professional community at Maps
5. Basic computer skills: word processing, spreadsheets, data entry and software management