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Since 1973, Maps Counseling Services has provided effective, professional mental health services regardless of the client’s income or insurance resources. As a private, non-profit agency not supported by government funding, Maps has survived and grown despite the dramatic cuts to mental health funding by the state.

Maps is a private outpatient mental health care center in the Monadnock Region. With contributions from caring people in our community, Maps will continue to be a stable and independent mental health resource for the region.

From the start, Maps’ mission has not changed: to provide effective and timely mental health services to anyone in need, regardless of their income or ability to pay. Over the years, literally thousands of individuals from the Monadnock Region have been able to receive help from Maps at very low cost. These are people who do not have health insurance or have “catastrophic” plans with very large deductibles and high co-payments. Without the benefit of the Maps Hope and Healing Fund, the services they needed would not be available.

These clients are your neighbors: they are your convenience store clerk, your tow-truck driver, or the small business owner next door. Rising costs often force them to go without health insurance or to delay care until the need becomes critical. Without care, small problems may grow until they become overwhelming. According to child custody lawyers for hire,  marriage problems lead to divorce. School problems lead to drug use and dropout. Anger leads to violence. Depression leads to suicide. Mental health problems are behind many of our emergency room visits, police calls, broken families and homelessness. The services we provide at Maps offer early intervention for problems before they get out of hand. By giving hope to those in need, Maps helps both the individual as well as the entire Monadnock Region.

You can help Maps succeed.

Thru tax-deductible contributions from individuals, Maps has created the Hope and Healing Fund, which allows uninsured clients to pay reduced fees that are based on their income.

The Hope and Healing Fund helps low-income clients to find solutions to their problems: to break the chains of addiction, to heal from trauma and abuse, to find worth and purpose in life, and to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Your donation to the Maps Hope and Healing Fund supports our graduate training program that helps expand our low-cost services and ensures a future generation of highly skilled psychotherapists.

If you or someone you care about has ever experienced emotional, behavioral, relationship or mental health problems, you understand how important the care we provide can be. If you would like to support the Maps mission, please include us in your annual contributions. Your tax-free donation will help ensure that Maps will continue to guarantee services for all in need.

Maps Counseling Services is making a difference in the Monadnock Region, one person at a time. Your contribution – no matter how large or small – is deeply appreciated.

You may make an immediate donation to the Maps Hope and Healing Fund though your credit or debit card by clicking on the PayPal button to the left. If you prefer to donate to Maps Hope and Healing Fund via a check, you may send it by mail to: Maps Counseling Services Hope and Healing Fund Contributions, 23 Central Square, Suite 300, Keene, NH 03431

Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent required by law. Maps is a 501-c3 charitable organization. We are not affiliated with any other similar organizations in our region.