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Maps’ administration is available at our Keene office from Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. Maps main phone numbers are (Keene) 603-355-2244 and (Peterborough) 603-924-2240.

Administrative Extensions and Email:

Name Position Ext. Email
Dawn Reed Office Manager 8101
Lynne Kilburn Administrative Assistant 8101
Gary S. Barnes Ph.D. Executive Director 8104
Bethann Clauss LICSW Clinical Director 8307

Senior Staff Clinician Extensions and Email:
(Call 603-355-2244 or 603-924-2244)

Name Ext. Office Email
Tina Borsa LCMHC 8118 Keene
Jessica Braught LCMHC 8313 Keene
Jill Burns LCMHC MLADC 8309 Keene
Deborah Cheshire Psy.D. 8307 Keene
Bethann Clauss LICSW 8307 Keene
Monika Faber LCMHC 8102 Keene
Julie Higgins LICSW 8311 Peterborough & Keene
Leela Howard LCMHC 8304 Peterborough
Louise Howlett LCMHC Keene 8103
Stephanie Kimber LCMHC 8264 Keene
Vincent Pignatiello Psy.D 8107 Peterborough
Larry McFarland LCMHC 8117 Keene
Gina Pasquale Psy.D 8315 Keene
Amy Reynelli LCMHC / MLADC 8106 Keene
Susanne Riemer LICW 8306 Peterborough
Romy Valdez Ph.D. Keene

Graduate Student Extensions and Email:
(All graduate students are in our Keene office)

Name Ext. Email
Heather Bolton 8112
Elizabeth Corley 8159
Samuel (Vladi) Highland 8109